Executive meeting March 16, 2010

Renforth Boat Club


Date: March 16, 2010


Topic:  Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, Gary Jones, George Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Eric Phinney, Paul Berube, Stan Prime, Ken Durning, Derek Ingleton, Monica Tomney.


Previous Meeting Minutes: Reading of the minutes from meeting on January 12, 2010, February 9 and 17, 2010.


Motion to accept the minutes as read.  Motion by Derek Ingleton Seconded by Paul Berube


Current minutes:




Treasurer Gary Jones: Financial reports for February presented.  Refreshment tallies are lagging delaying billing and shows in the financial reports.  Financial report present for 2009.  Financials categorized to minimize revenue not to exceed HST limit.  Statements were discussed in detail to account for receivables, payables and cash flow.  At the end of the day it is bare bones!


Motion to accept financial report:  Motion by George Walker Seconded by Stan Prime passed


House Ken Durning:  Supplies purchased coffee etc. All is good!!


Yard Stan Prime, Paul Berube:  Spring is here and ice is melting, Allan Phillips boat settled in the ground and perhaps drain tile and rock be installed in that area.  Start at the top and continue drainage down the hill and then cut across to the water.  The water seeps too slowly in the area because of a lot of clay underneath.


Tentative haul-out dates sailboats for May 22 and powerboats for June 5


Harbour Eric Phinney, Rick Wright:  Detailed report presented with a number of action items and suggestions to be conducted in 2010 (copy on file with minutes).  The issue of non-members using wharf and the condition of moorings and where does the liability exist as boats are jockeyed around throughout the spring, summer and fall.  An amendment to the constitution suggested reflecting good seamanship with regard to using proper mooring equipment and maintenance.  There were nine instances in the past two years where boats have gone ashore!  The reason for the mishaps was also presented and 4 main reasons highlighted.  A list of 5 requirements for proper equipment was also presented in the report and is referenced from Chapman’s Piloting and Small Boat Handling.  Debated the merits of the use of a rental crane versus the wharf crane maybe some more time needed to contemplate the need as it will be a significant expense for material and installation.  Chain falls on gallows is a very slow process at the moment.  Not very productive and considering an electric or gas option is being explored.  A boat has been acquired to use for dirty duties for maintenance etc.



Membership Dwight Allaby:  not present, Gary Jones talked about a potential member with a sailboat


Social Monica Tomney:  To prepare a social event calendar for 2010 and will prepare a social committee consisting of 5 people.  The social committee to look after events that are funded by the Renforth Boat Club


Grounds and Environment Chris Gallant, Andrew MacIntyre:  nothing to report


Refreshments Andrew MacIntyre, Stan Prime:  Monthly tallies will be conducted by Stan Prime


Safety:  Safety report could be topic driven for each meeting.  The yard is due for a very good clean up.  Ladders should be tied off at this time of year


Business arising from the minutes:


Amendment to by-law changing article 3:02 T to change meeting dates from second Tuesday to third Tuesday


Motion to present to general membership by Eric Phinney seconded by George Walker


On the question:

Do we amend to make it more flexible to change general meeting dates?   Executive meetings flexible general and annual are fixed.


New business:


New rates to be established Monday March 22 at 7:00

Motion to make amendments to the mooring policy as detailed in the harbour master report prepared and dated February 26, 2010 by Eric Phinney seconded by Derek Ingleton passed


Motion to purchase work boat for $400.00 by George Walker seconded Ken Durning passed


Motion to adjourn by Andrew MacIntyre seconded by Ken Durning


Respectfully Submitted,

Andrew MacIntyre

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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