Executive Meeting June 15, 2010


Renforth Boat Club

Executive Meeting


Rheal Guimond                        Fred Demers

George Walker                        Eric Phinney

Derek Ingleton                        Ken Durning

Paul Curwin                                    Gary Jones

Paul Berube                                    Stan Prime

Jim Flood


Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Treasurer`s Report:

Major Expense is Harbour Dock Maintenance and Boat Launch

Cash Flow exceeds Outflow ($18.5K)

Discussed Unpaid Invoices (Kent Bills are the largest issue)

No Interest being charged at this point.

We are solvent at this point in time.  We filed for Corporation, records have been sent to Fredericton.

Motion to Accept via Derek Ingleton, 2nd by Paul Berube = Accepted

Items addes 5 & 6:

5 = Insurance

6 = Sharon Ingleton`s Mother passing away

House (Ken Durning)

Ken mentioned that the Club was in desperate need of painting, therefore, anyone and everyone who would like please feel free to pick up a paint brush and paint siding, window sills, etc.

Ken will take the lead in this project for the summer.

Ken will bring in supplies for the club tomorrow (napkins, paper plates, paper towel, etc)


Yard (Paul Berube)

Paul Curwin volunteered to work the yard cleanup this upcoming weekend now that the boats have been moved out of the yard.

Paul will send out an email to advise the members.  Stan and Derek also volunteered to be there Saturday morning.

Rheal mentioned that Dan Coles called him to advise that he would be coming tomorrow to work on his boat.

Eric mentioned that the Town of Rothesay will be doing work in the front yard this weekend around drainage so we`d have to ensure the front yard is relatively clear.

Paul mentioned that the steel needs to be removed out of the yard.  He will handle taking care of this.

Paul also thanked everyone who volunteered at the boat launch.

Eric will be talking to Andrew regarding getting a whipper snipper and he offered his for this weekend for the yard cleanup.


Harbour Report

Eric advised the Town of Rothesay that we have completed our boat launch.

The Town is going to start the wharf at the end of this month (Concrete Dock and Sea Wall)

All Sea to do the protection of wharf (electrified to prevent rusting)

There will be a 1-2 day interruption.

Eric came up with Rates:


Winterized at $20 plus cost

Summer Service $20 plus cost (standard condition)

Need to set a date to winterize the moorings.

Top Chain is $50 plus cost

Moving Mooring $50 plus cost

Diving Services $50 initial dive, $20 every additional hour

Discussion around who and what maintenance of moorings should be implemented.

Discussions around whether the club has a right to fix moorings without members permission and there were also discussions around interest charges being implemented.

Motioned moved to accept update:  Derek motioned, 2nd by Paul Berube

Motion Passed

Dan Coles Mooring sunk

Daryl Caines wants to buy a mooring.  Condons on Jim Floods old mooring.

Suggestion, sell Daryl Caines the mooring for $300.

Chris Gallant is on Ron Dows old mooring (it is on a loaned status at this point)

It was discussed that seniority counts on buying available moorings.

It was also discussed that Chris should have the opportunity to buy (if he is okay with Ron Dow`s mooring) he can stay or buy another mooring.

Richard Kidds is currently on Gary Jone`s mooring.

Vacant Moorings:

Ed Stansfield (left of wharf)

Mystery Mooring (RBC 2) the club serviced this mooring

Discussions around the dingy docks, George to call Darren Chainey 755-2331, cell 755-0493 to inquire on how much it would be to buy new barrels for dingy docks.


Membership – Stan

37 Regular Members

8 Affiliates

Allan Phillips resigned

Dr. Beaudin still a member

18 Power Boats

15 Sail Boats


Social Update

Monica not available

Auction – $550 approximately



Andrew and Chris not available

Stan, everything okay, no issues


General Discussion

7 people still owe dues

Rheal suggested we have a separate meeting to discuss.

George forming a committee to organize new dingy docks.


New Business

  • Allan Phillips requested that he may be considered as an affiliate member.  The request was tabled until we get verification.  We will ask Dwight for past details.  We committed to getting an answer by middle of next week.  Stan volunteers to ask Dwight.
  • Dragon Boats – We are supporting this year once again on August 28th.  Are we going to do BBQ.   Sharon will contact Monica to discuss details around the BBQ
  • Town meeting regards to repairs to club.  Eric contacted Dan Cyr and will follow up.  Rheal to arrange a meeting with the Town of Rothesay.
  • Insurance – Rheal to get a quote from Jay Kimball (marine vs land).  It was suggested that we invite Jay Kimball to a separate meeting to explain insurance policy.
  • Send Flowers to Sharon Ingleton (Mother`s Passing) – Sharon Walker to take care of this.


Motion to Adjourn at 9:25 PM via Derek, 2nd by George

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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