Executive Meeting July 20, 2010

Renforth Boat Club


Date: July 20, 2010


Topic:  Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, Gary Jones, George and Sharon Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Paul Berube, Derek Ingleton, Stan Prime, Chris Gallant, Dwight Allaby, Eric Phinney and Jay Kimball.


Executive Meeting:


Call the meeting to order 7:30 pm


Reading of the minutes for June15, 2010.  Motion to accept minutes Chris Gallant by 2nd by Derek Ingleton.


Current minutes:


Insurance Update:  Jay Kimball providing a policy updates.  The club itself has three individual policies.  Commercial general liability for the building for other parties such as Dragon Boat hosting.  Liability lies in being negligent not providing a safe facility.  The marine operator liability policy is the next for everyone else which is land and water and the operation of the marina, boat storage etc.  The demonstration of prudence in the overall operation and function of the club is certainly on our side to avoid being seen as liable.  The last policy is the Director’s liability insurance that is supplied by Huestis Insurance which protects the actions and duties of the officers of the Renforth Boat Club.  Jay Kimball will look at getting a complete package from his company.  To go to the underwriters they like to see by-laws that reinforce a good working club (due diligence).  The club has no assets and the club cannot borrow money.  Jay will provide an updated quote within a week or so.  Gary to provide additional details as well.




We are at the peak of revenue coming in and going out (cash flow).  A couple of members have not yet paid which is not too bad.  We have insurance bill and for the new docks which are coming in.  We are meeting the obligations to keep the company solvent.  We are meeting the minimum $5000.00 in the account as per by-law.


Motion to accept treasurer report Paul Berube by 2nd by Chris Gallant.




Not present but power washing the buildings by Daryl Caines.




There is some work to be done on the rail and work done at low water and we will have access to free concrete!!  The boat club lent the gallows to the resurfacing of the wharf.  We need to have a few volunteers to help spread the cement.  There will have to be spur of the moment work crew organized which is a function of the low water and a few other maintenance issues.  There is a wooden mast still remaining on the mast rack that belongs to Paul McCluskey and will be contacted to remove.




Not much to report with a few moorings being looked after.  There will be a bit of a shuffle in some of the members being placed in the next years.  We are being neighbourly by assisting non-members in placing moorings and it will eventually help the harbour be organized to everyone’s benefit.





We have a few new applications for new members. Motion by Eric Phinney 2nd by Derek Ingleton for Dudley Barrett to be a member accepted July 20, 2010.  Application for Michael Hughes filled out and accepted May 21, 2010.  Steven Millbury the next member to be considered and requires haul-out and storage therefore cribs and Rheal knows the people as he built there house last year Motion from Chris G 2nd by Derek.  Updated orientation package maybe include photo wall for new members Derek Ingleton to look into.




Not present


Grounds and Environment:


Gravel?? Related to mowing.




Nothing to report


Safety Report:


Be careful around dinghy docks, please use life jackets!!


Business arising from the minutes:


New docks have been bought and paid for and working out how to get them here and will be stored at the end of the sliders.  Seeking volunteers for the BBQ for the Dragon Boat.  The last being the insurance which was looked after at the start of this month’s meeting.  An excerpt of from a memo from Robyn Wilson-Burke on the use of the dinghy docks and the unauthorized movement of boats and the accessibility of moorings etc.  There seems to be alot of problems with the overall access to the dinghy docks.  A policy to be drafted to using the dinghy dock overall and the use of the wharf.  Communication issues seem to be a significant factor in addressing the concerns of access to the dinghy docks.  There is a policy accessing the club for functions etc.


Alan Phillips has asked to be an associate member motion to accept by Derek Ingleton 2nd by Paul Berube.


On the question:


Not applicable


New business:


Not applicable


Motion to adjourn by Andrew MacIntyre 2nd Gary Jones


Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew MacIntyre


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