Executive Meeting Jan 19th, 2011

Renforth Boat Club


Date: January 19, 2011


Topic:  Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, George Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Derek Ingleton, Gary Jones, Stan Prime, Jim Flood, Ken Durning, Paul Berube, Dudley, Rick Wright, Dudley Barrett.


Call the meeting to order 7:36 pm


Reading of the minutes for December 2010, motion to accept minutes by Derek Ingleton2nd by Jim Flood.


Current minutes:




Distributed monthly statement to members.  Detailed financial report handed out as well.  Overall everything is in a positive position.  Further breakdown and discussion specific expenses.  Highlighted refreshments account and are in a positive position.  Further analysis indicates that for the thousands of bottles drank only off 19 beers for the past few months.  Mooring fees closely matched expenses on the plus side.  The launch haul out expense showing is offset by the boat storage fees.  The notion of considering a launch/haul out fee to offset capital improvements and expenses was expressed.  Some discussion on replacing clubhouse and how it affects the Renforth Boat Club financial reporting.  This year a lot of money was spent on great things and opportunity exists to further improve the yard and the expenditures are expected to be minimal.


Motion to accept financial report as read Derek Ingleton by 2nd by Andrew MacIntyre.




Much discussion on the future of the club house as far as replacement and its uses.  Motion to establish a rebuild the boat house steering committee by Ken Durning 2nd Derek Ingleton.  New direction has been given to the steering committee.  Committee members will include the following: Derek Ingleton, Rheal Guimond, George Walker, Ken Durning ask to be on it.  Appointments originally made by the commodore.  Duty roster discussion to include posting list for each month of the year.




Paul Berube commenting on everything in tact as far as tarps and watch out for the ice in the yard and on the drive way.  There is a tub full of salt at the end of the parking lot.








Not much happening as of now but there is room for at least 4 boats on the sliders and in the yard.




Social calendar is mapped out for this year.  The fixture card is all paid for 2011.




Grounds and Environment:

Considering buying mower and whipper some day.  Environment okay.






Safety Report:


Be safe!


Business arising from the minutes:


Steering committee for the house.


On the question:


Not applicable


New business:


Not applicable


Motion to adjourn by Rick Wright 2nd by Stan Prime.


Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew MacIntyre

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