Executive Meeting Feb 17, 2010

Renforth Boat Club


Date: February 17, 2010


Topic:  Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, Kathy Guimond, Gary Jones, George Walker, Sharon Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Eric Phinney, Paul Berube, Gary Jones.


Minutes:  Recommendations for the appointment of Renforth Boat Club committees:


The committees listed below were selected by recommendations from the executive and contact was made for all individuals listed to see if they would accept:


Safety Committee:  On the agenda for membership at large.

Nominating Committee:  Phone call to Dwight Allaby accepted post for this year 2010.

Harbour Committee:  Eric Phinney accepted post for this year 2010. (Rick Wright to assist)

House Committee:  Phone call to Ken Durning accepted post for this year 2010.

Grounds and Environment Committee: Andrew MacIntyre grounds, Chris Gallant (ok) and Mike Walsh to be contacted.

Yard Committee:  Stan Prime and Paul Berube accepted post for this year 2010.

Refreshment Committee:  Andrew MacIntyre inventory, Stan Prime returnable’s, Gary Jones expenses.

Social Committee:  Monica Tomney accepted post for this year 2010.

Phone Committee:  Glen Moore phone message and e-mail sent left to accept.

Communication Committee:  Gary Steeves accepted post for this year 2010.

Strategic Planning Committee:  Derek Ingleton, Rheal Guimond, Eric Phinney, George Walker.


Motion to accept the committee names selected by Paul Berube and second by Gary Jones.


Motion to adjourn by Paul Berube second by George Walker.


Respectfully Submitted,


Andrew MacIntyre



About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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