Evergreen contract

The following is a draft of an evergreen contract that we are considering adopting. This will be discussed and voted on in the July General meeting. Please read and send comments directly to any member of the executive so they can consider changes in the June meetin. This is a standard type of contract in most boat clubs today, that we borrowed from the Saint John Power Boat Club.

A Downloadable version of this is available here: RBC Evergreen Contract


Evergreen Contract (Launching and Hauling) between the Renforth Boat Club, Rothesay NB and:


Renforth Boat Club hereinafter referred to as RBC will launch, haul out, and store (if required) at its location on James Renforth Drive in the town of Rothesay, said owners boat, providing the member is in good standing, subject to the following covenants:

This contract is signed, and all current and outstanding fees owing to the club are paid in full.
Haul out- the boat shall be available at the clubs anchorage on the date and time set. It will be hauled and stored in the yard as soon thereafter is feasible. Any sails, booms and running rigging shall be removed by the owner beforehand.
Launching- the boat shall be ready for launching at the set time, and will be launched thereafter as soon as feasible. Upon launching, the owner or agent thereof will take command of the boat. If not, the Club will tie the boat, at the owners risk. Proper ground tackle must be maintained on board at all times. If he boat is not ready for launching, side-tracking at owners expense may be necessary. The Club will assume the boat is ready to launch unless the Chair of the Yard Committee or the Commodore or Vice Commodore is notified. Side tracking will be at the owner’s expense a prevailing rates. The Executive may waive the above charge, for just cause or in the best interests of the club.
The member will remove any debris or litter remaining in the area of storage, within twenty four hours of launching.
The owner agrees to permit the Club to move the boat to another equivalent mooring when it deems necessary.
The parties agree the Club will not be liable for any loss or damage to the said Vessel, or any of its equipment or supplies. It is agreed that the Owner will carry such insurance as is necessary to protect against such risks of loss or damage, and that there will be no claim against the Club in these regards.
No one shall be permitted to make permanent residence aboard their boat on Club property.
The owner hereby agrees that this contract, if countersigned by the representative of RBC is valid and binding between RBC and the owner- the executors, administrators and assigns, and that all provisions and conditions of the Constitution and By-Laws, and any amendments hereinafter made thereto, are likewise binding. I hereby accept and agree to the above.

Accepted:________________, 20 , by RBC, subject to our Constitution and General By-Laws

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