Duty schedule


2012 Duty List

Members name                Date
Allaby,Dwight                  March 16th to March 31st
Allan,Bill                           April 1st to April 15th
McGuire,Jack                   April 16th to April 30th
Bourque,Bradley             May 1 to 15th
Wright, Kevin                  May 16 to 30th
Condon,Robin                 June 1st to 15
Daigle,Richard                June 16th to 30th
Demmers,Fred                July 1st to 15th
Hines,Ralph                    July 15th to 31st
Durning,Ken                   Aug. 1st to 15th
Dunham,Chris                Aug. 16th to 31st
Gallant, Chris                 Sept. 1 to 15
Stansfield,Ed                  Sept. 16th to 30th
Phillips,Alan                   Oct. 1st to 15th
Hanson,Steven               Oct. 15th to 31st
Herrington,Max             Nov. 1 to 15th
Dow,Ron                          Nov. 16th to 30th
Morrison,Gus                  Dec. 1 to 15th
Jones,Gary                       Dec.16th to 31st
Jones,Paul                       Jan. 1 to 15th
Kimball,Jay                     Jan. 16 to 30th
Langille,Scott                  Feb.1st to Feb. 15th
MacIntyre,Andrew         Feb. 15th to 28th
Wright,Rick                     March 1st to 15th

* Should you not be available for your rotation, please advise the House Committee chair persons (Jenn or Steven Milbury) so that an alternative member can be substituted. As a courtesy, please call the next person on the roster to remind them of their responsibility.  See CLUB CLEANUP GUIDE below.

1. Wash all glasses and dishes as needed

2. sweep and mop floors as required

3. wash all tables, counter tops, stove, etc… As needed

4. wash and return dish towels

5. clean bathroom and toilet each week

6. refill hand soap containers

7. fill paper towel and toilet paper holders. Check heritage building if paper towels, toilet paper, etc… Are not under the bathroom sink

8. put garbage in a tied bag into the outside container as needed, and place clean bag inside container

9. notify house chairman if any cleaning supplies or house items are getting low.

10. call the next number on the clean up list when your shift is getting close to the end

11. turn off lights, turn down heat and lock doors

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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