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Hello Everyone,
In an effort to better manage our limited dinghy dock space and to address concerns raised by the membership, we will be implementing some changes relating to dinghy dock usage as agreed at the last meeting of the club executive. The changes along with some reminders are outlined below. Please make an effort to ensure your tender is moved to the appropriate part of the dock based on the construction type as outlined below. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
Dinghy Dock changes and reminders.
1) The first four cleats on North and South side of dock will be designated for solid hulled boats. More dock bumper will be installed at this end of the dock.
2) The remaining cleats will be designated for inflatable tenders.
3) An orange line has been painted on the dinghy docks indicating the separation for inflatables and hard hulled tenders.
4) Members with aluminum boats requiring dinghy dock space should contact the harbor master for direction.
5) Members with locked tenders and motors should leave a set of lock keys on the board behind the door of the heritage building. This will allow for movement of your tender in the event of an issue with the dock or your tender.
6) The work boat will remain in its current location which occupies less space than the previous location. If this space is required in the future the work boat will be secured to the gallows or a mooring.
7) As a reminder, please note that dinghy dock usage is limited to the following:
a. Dinghy docks to be used for tenders ONLY.
b. Any other vessel tied to the dinghy docks will be tied at the end of the dock only and will be for short durations ie. Loading and unloading etc.
c. Tenders can ONLY be tied at the bow with the motor in the down position.
d. 15HP max on tenders tied to the dock.
e. Short lead lines should be used to minimize movement of tenders into other tender spaces.

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