December Executive meeting

Renforth Boat Club


Executive meeting Minutes   Dec 20,2011 7:35 pm


Present:  Darrell Caines, Paul Berube,  Glen Moore, Rheal Guimond, Lloyd Hodgin, Stan Prime, Eric Phinney, George Walker, Jim and Rhoda Flood , Derek Ingleton


Rheal asked Eric to act as secretary for this meeting as Andrew was not present.


Minutes of the last meeting were read.


Clarification: Nominating committee will consist of Rheal, George and Derek

M. Lloyd     S. Paul B  Carried


Treasurers report


Presented by Lloyd

Income for month $638

Expenses for month. $2480

Cash in bank as at nov 30 2011.  3898 credit union

After cheques written this month balance is under 700

Recommend bring some funds over from GIC

M. Jim S. Derek.  Carried


House.   No report


Yard.   Plans to do some maintenance next year.  Will discuss under 5 Year Plan


Harbour.   No report



App from Steve Hanson

Motion to accept as member once payment is made.  M. George S. Paul. Carried.

Form needs to be edited to require payment to be attached prior to submitting application.  Eric will tend to this.

Question of associate membership referred to constitution committee


Social committee.   Gary Jones will look after new years levee.

Motion to charge 25 for christmas dinner. M.  George. S. Stan.  Carried


Refreshments.   Audit will be done at year end (after new years levee )


Safety report.   Watch the ice in the yard.  There are several areas that built up with ice that stretch across the yard.

Well cap. Is finished.  Thanks to all the volunteers.


ByLaw committee.   Lloyd (Chair)  Eric (Sec)   Derek , Andrew, Stan, Dwight, Darrell we’re appointed by the commodore.


Mandate: To review policies bylaws and constitution and  job descriptions of officers and executive committee members, and recommend changes to the executive.


Five year plan committee.

Two meetings have been conducted.

A list of projects has been developed with costs.

A meeting has taken place with the mayor concerning a number of these items. These have been submitted to the town engineer and planning commission

This will be followed up before out meeting in January.

The final report will be presented to the membership at the AGM for approval



New business

Correspondence received from the nature trust of new Brunswick


Adjournment.   M.  Lloyd  S. Paul   Carried  8:50pm


Respectfully Submitted

Eric Phinney

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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