Website Policy

As well as this website, the club has a Facebook page at

All posts, pages and comments exist under the authority of and at the pleasure of the Executive. Approved Renforth Boat Club May 17th, 2011.


A webmaster will be appointed by the Commodore to develop and maintain the website and the automated email system.

The primary purpose of the website shall be to publish news and information for its members, and collect information related to the operation of the Renforth Boat Club.

The website will not be used to publish or exchange opinion, except as directed by the Commodore.   Issues of this nature are to be dealt with by expressing your concerns at a general meeting of members or referring the matter to the executive committee.

Posts may be made by members of the executive and by other committee chairs in the area of their responsibility i.e. the House Chair makes posts and publishes pages having to do with the Clubhouse,   the Yard Chair makes posts about the Boat Storage Yard etc.

If a regular member has something to post he shall submit it to the Chair of the relevant committee, or the commodore.