Check your Boat

14308780-3d-white-person-bank-robber-with-a-safe-on-his-back-3d-image-isolated-white-backgroundOne boat has been recently broken into.   Please take some time to check and secure your boat over the next day or so.   Make a report to the Police if needed.

Update:  It appears that several boats were entered but nothing has been noted damaged or taken.   The culprits used several ladders that were left  unsecured.  It would be a good idea to secure your ladder or remove it from the site.    Also we are not sure if the security light near the winch house is operating.   This will be checked.    Boats that were covered and all laced up were not touched.    If you have not already done so remove “fun” items like booze, flares and fire extinguishers.   All of these have been attractive items for vandals in the past.



About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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