August Executive Meeting Minutes

August Executive Meeting

Renforth Boat Club
Minutes of the Executive Meeting August 18, 2015

Attendance: Steve, George, Greg, Stan, Lloyd, Derek, Daryl

Called to order at 7:30 August 18, 2015 with Derek chairing the meeting.

Minutes of the June Executive meeting were read. Moved by George, seconded by Greg, that the minutes be approved as corrected. Carried.

Old Business: A registered letter has been sent to a member whose dues are in arrears.

Commodore’s Report: Eric not present.

Treasurer Report: Lloyd reported a bank balance $9343.00.
Sussex Excavators submitted a quote $12500 + tax for the septic pump. Trenching to the top of the drive is about the same cost. Option three involves making a septic field in the area of the parking lot. Lloyd will approach a septic contractor to see if making a septic field is possible.
Thirty four members have paid dues but 4 members are in arrears. Nine associate members have paid dues but 2 are in arrears.

Correspondence: A letter from the Dragon Boat Festival was received with a VIP parking pass and luncheon pass. Other parking passes will be required for members. The secretary will contact the DBF committee for more passes.
A question was raised about the expenses for the Renforth Shore Community Days event. Donna was given a budget but were her expenses covered by the Renforth Shore Committee? Eric will be asked to clarify this on his return.

House Committee: Paul not present. The deck has been levelled and the corner of the building under the washroom levelled. The roof on the heritage building has been shingled.
We have a cheque for $100. Unsure how it is to be credited. Eric will need to clarify.
Two committee boats are required for the DBF plus a crash boat.
The Club will hold a general clean up prior to the DBF. Members will be emailed.

Harbour Committee: Scott not present. Scott will be setting the DBF course next week.
Scott has not been given information about people who are granted temporary use of moorings as per policy and by-laws. Any use of Club moorings must be cleared through the Harbour Master.

Yard-Powerboats: Jamie not present.

Yard-Sailboats: Bruce not present.

Grounds/Environment: Greg reported no issues with the yard.

Membership: No new applications.
Social: No report.

Refreshments: Steve reported a profit of $198.06 from the cooler.

New Business: Our porta-potty was used by the Sea Cadets at the invitation of the secretary during the Sea Cadet visit. It was noted this required frequent cleaning.
Derek spoke to use of the dinghy dock. Hard-sided boats can use inner section on both sides. Members have to be cognizant of placing hard-sided boats alongside inflatable boats.
Ron and Gloria’s BBQ event has been cancelled.

Motion to adjourn made by Lloyd 8:50pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Daryl Caines

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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