Aug Executive Meeting

Minutes of Executive Meeting Aug 21, 2012

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Eric Phinney, Dick Daigle, Lloyd Hodgin, Jim and Rhoda Flood, George Walker, Glen Moore, Stan Prime, Derek Ingleton, Dudley Barrett, Bill Allan, Daryl Caines

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the June Executive meeting were read by the secretary.   M-George, S-Eric, that the minutes be accepted. Carried

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence – A thank-you note from the Flood family was received for the memorial placed in memory of Jim’s sister.

Committee  reports

Treasurer’s Report   The treasurer’s report was circulated by Lloyd. Items were discussed. The month end balance is $16925.00.   The cheque for the lease has cleared the bank making the current balance  $13997.00  M-Bill S-Derek that the report be accepted.  Carried.

House-    Steve not present   A recent plumbing problem was resolved at a cost of $111. 00

Yard- Paul not present  

Harbour – The Dragon Boat race course has been set. George and Scott will be in attendance on race day. Boats in the way of the race course have been notified. A couple of moorings were moved out of the race course. This a good time to check moorings and headlines prior to hurricane season. Doug Middleton’s mooring has been moved. Eric will look into the cost and use of a winterizing float as an alternative buoy for the winter.  Eric Hughes’ boat is at the Town dock and needs repair. A fastening system for the Town floating dock has been installed.
Social – Sharon not present. Sharon is looking into having a fall event. Stan stated Josh Wright approached him about having an artist from the Folk Music Awards attend a club social in November. Stan will confer with Sharon on this.
Refreshments – Glen circulated a statement on estimated income and inventory for the frig. A copy of this statement is attached to the minutes and may be viewed in the Minute Book. A discussion followed concerning accounting for wine and spirits. An estimated income of $116.20    was realized for the reporting period. A note will be attached to the frig door concerning the shortfall in revenue.

Grounds – Greg not present.

Safety – no report 

Membership – no report

Environment – The barrel of waste oil has been removed from the winch house.

New Business

Two offers have been received for the purchase of the old dock and ramp. Dick Daigle’s offer was accepted.

The Dragon Boat festival is this weekend. Various members stated they would be available Thursday evening and Friday morning to serve as a clean-up crew. Passes for the event should be available soon.

Dates need to be set for the fall haul out. Sail boats will be the same as last year. Power boats to be determined. 

A lock has been placed on the winch house.


Motion to adjourn – Lloyd – Carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm. 



Respectfully submitted;



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