Aug Executive Meeting


Minutes of Executive Meeting Aug 20, 2013

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Steve, Eric, Paul, Derek, George, Ralph, Jim and Rhoda, Greg, Daryl, Rheal

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm with Stan in the chair.

Minutes of the June Executive meeting and the Special July Executive meeting were read by the secretary. Moved by George, seconded by Eric, that the minutes of the June and July Executive meetingsbe accepted. Carried.

Old Business –

Daryl reported that he has approached the industrial dept of KVHS to consider having the department build a new winch house during their second semester. He will meet with Mr Smith, the industrial teacher, and a few interested Club members once the new school year has commenced.

The flag pole has been lowered and new halyards installed.



Business arising from the minutes.


Correspondence – None


Committee  Reports

Treasurer’s Report-  Lloyd was not present but a report was submitted. The bank balance is $14,3122. Expected liabilities are Director Liability, $2800 and Town of Rothesay, $3675.    

House –Steve reported supplies have been purchased. We should have lots of supplies on hand for theDragon Boat Festival

Yard – Paul reported some maintenance has been done on the sliders. More work is to be done. Only one boat left on the rails.

Stan felt that a meeting should be held to arrange for the sail boat haul out. At the present we don’t have a truck confirmed. Moved by Paul, seconded by George, a mandatory meeting of sail boat owners be held by Sept 10 at 7:30pm to discuss haulout. Carried.

Harbour – Harbourmasters report Aug 20, 2013


1) Dragon Boat course has been set. Boats that need to be moved have been notified. Thanks to Scott for his help.
2) Mooring assigned to Steve Hanson. Ball and headlines installed.
3) Mooring assigned to Mike Kueppers. Ball and headlines installed.
4) Mooring owned by Andrew or Dudley has been temporarily located for the start boat for the DragonBoat festival.    Ownership of this mooring should be confirmed.  A non-member had rigged it this year and was sure that it belonged to him.    I had raised it to verify ownership and then removed it to a temporary location.
5) All moorings in the cove are now located on Navionics and identified by names of owners and the year they were last verified.
6) The vessel “Swept Away” owned by Art Breen, is temporarily located on one of our moorings in the south field.   His mooring is lost.  
7) Two of our used moorings in the south field have been rigged with white and blue mooring balls as guest moorings.   My policy has been to grant free use of these to members of other yacht clubs.
8) Moorings that are lost include: Mel Vincent’s, Ken Durning’s, Max Herrington’s(Eric’s), TerryTomney’s mooring in Cathlines Cove.
9) I have put a temporary ball on Mike Walsh’s old mooring for a new member but it needs a new top chain before it is turned over.   I believe that this mooring has been assigned but the name of the individual has never been communicated to me.
10) Recommendation that the mooring previously owned by Jim McAvity be assigned to Daryl Caines in trade for his (subject to a satisfactory survey).  
11) For people to be placed on the official list, paperwork needs to be given to me so that I can post it on the mailchimp server as well as authorize them for the website.    Unless someone gives me the application form, this cannot be completed.


Moved by Eric, seconded by Paul, to accept the Harbourmaster’s report


Social – Win not present. Plans are underway for an Oct social


Refreshments – Glen was not present but his report was submitted. Last reporting period showed a profit of $148.28. Moved by Eric, seconded by Derek, that Glen be allowed to increase the price of wine proportionally. Carried.

Grounds/Safety/Environment- Greg has purchased a new lawn mower. The grounds are looking great.

Membership – Bob not present. Mike Kueppers passed a successful interview and orientation. He is willing to be an active participant of the Club. 

New Business

Jim McAvity has paid his account and returned his key.

Derek reported the outboard is still for sale. Some interest has been shown but nothing definite.

Passes for the Dragon Boat Festival will be available soon.

Dan Coles’ boat is for sale for $2000. He does not want to renew membership.

Andrew McIntyre’s mooring is for sale and the proceeds can be applied to his account. We need to establish who actually owns this mooring.

Glen’s mooring will be used by an RKYC member for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Mel Vincent’s boat is for sale for $7500. A discussion followed as to how to deal with the boats that are stored in the yard.

Moved by Eric, seconded by Derek, that Mel and Dan be directed, by letter, to have their boats out of the yard by Labour Day 2013. Carried. Stan will notify these members a letter will be coming.

Paul brought up the condition of the Club House. We should deal with the House before any other capital projects. It could be $10-$15K to raise the building and put in a foundation or footing. A large discussion followed.

Moved by Paul, seconded by Eric, that we get quotes to raise the building and have a proper footing installed. Carried. Paul and Stan will pursue this with interested contractors.



Motion to adjourn – Moved by Rheal, the meeting adjourned at 9:15pm


Respectfully submitted;



Daryl Caines


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