April Executive Meeting


Minutes of Executive Meeting April 17, 2012

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Ed Stansfield, Rheal Guimond, Derek Ingleton, Win and Robert Taylor, Lloyd Hodgin, Stan Prime, Glen Moore, Brad Bourque, Daryl Caines,

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the March executive meeting were read by the secretary.   MRheal , SLloydThat the minutes be accepted. Carried

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence  A letter was received from the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation thanking our Club for helping with the Dragon Boat Festival last year. The eight annual Festival is scheduled for Aug 25, 2012 and our continued support has been solicited.  

A letter from the Province of NB, NB Companies Act, was read asking for list of the names of the current directors.

Committee  reports

Treasurer’s Report    Lloyd summarized the financial report. The bank balance was $ 7068.87. MDerek SRheal, To accept the report. Carried

House– Steve not present    

Yard Paul Berube not present

Harbour  Erics report was read by Lloyd.   Most moorings have been found. Several will need the grappling hook dragged over them for them to surface. One is the “no wake” buoy. This should be a priority to find as it is a hazard to navigation without a marker on the line.

The gallows needs some attention to make sure all the drums are secured.

Arby-Sea is ready to be launched after the oil in the bottom gear chamber is changed. Also the bumper around the bow should be refastened.

Members needing moorings should advise the Harbour Master so one can be assigned.

Membership – An email was sent requesting a chairman. George will continue as chairman. Ed said he would help.

Social  Happy hour has been successful. A short discussion followed concerning a lobster happy hour.

Refreshments – An improvement to the frig lock has been made in light of the fact that 12 beer have gone missing in the last month.

Grounds – Greg not present.  

Safety – no report


New Business

Stan brought in a sample of a bumper that was on display at the Boat Show. This material could be used on our dingy dock. Stan bought 6 boxes on spec. M Rheal, S-Derek   that the Club buy the edging from Stan. Carried. 

Lloyd raised a question on the renewal on the Lease. A letter must be sent to the Town notifying the Town we wish to renew the lease.

Lloyd stated an email will be sent to all members asking them to have personal gear removed from theHeritage building by the end of May.  

The question was asked if it possible a former member still has a key to the Club in light losses from thefrig. A discussion followed about new keys for the building.

Derek spoke on the topic of security cameras. Four cameras are on order. A discussion followed concerning placement and operation.

Motion to adjourn  DerekCarried. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. 



Respectfully submitted;

Daryl Caines


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