AGM minutes

All Members:  Please read the minutes carefully as presented below.   You will notice that there are a number of committees with some names beside them.   These will be officially appointed at the February Executive meeting.   If you would like to work on a certain committee then please send your name along to a member of the Corporation.  As it stands right now that is the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer.

All members of the club should be associated with at least one committee.   If you don’t let us know where you might like to serve then you may be assigned where most needed.   If you don’t know what the committees do then please read about it on the website or give one of us a call.


The Executive will be expanded to include a number of Committee heads at the February Meeting, which will be held the third Tuesday at Rheal and Kathy’s house.


Eric Phinney – Commodore


AGM Minutes Jan 20, 2015

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  George, Paul, Rick, Rhael and Cathy, Derek, Jim and Rhoda, Eric, Stan and Margaret, Bruce, Lloyd, Jamie, Daryl, Bill, Tom, Stephen

Meeting Called to order at 7:35 at the residence of Cathy and Rheal, with George in the chair

Stan gave the report of the Nominating Committee

Commodore: Eric Phinney

Vice Commodore:  Derek Ingleton

Rear Commodore: Rick Wright

Treasurer: Lloyd Hodgin

Secretary: Daryl Caines

Past Commodore: George Walker

Stan asked for further nominations. None being  offered,  Stan declared the Executive  elected.

George thanked the membership for their support during his time as Commodore.

Eric assumed the chair. He spoke about some priorities that he had for the year. For example, “June Bug Run, Canada Day

in St. Andrews.  September old timers raft dinner, organized cruises  and some specific facilities improvement.

Lloyd distributed the financial report. Closing balance for 2014 is $7460.43.

The Five Year Plan was presented. A discussion followed concerning the merit of repairs vs replacement of the Club House. The improvement to the sewerage system is a priority.

Moved by Lloyd ,seconded by George, the acceptance of the Five Year  Plan.

Lloyd moved that fees and dues remain the same for 2015. Seconded by Rick.  A discussion on the question followed. Motion carried.

The budget forecast for 2015 was presented and discussed. Lloyd moved the acceptance of the Financial report and budget . Seconded by Rick.  Carried.

The following members were suggested  to Chair  committees.  To be confirmed at the Feb meeting of the executive.

House:  Paul Jones

Yard- Rail and Slides: Jamie Patterson

Yard- Crane and Cradle : To be selected by users

Refreshments: Steve

Grounds: Greg Condon

Harbour: Scott Langell

Membership: Rheal

Constitution:  Dwight and Lloyd

5 year plan committee:  Lloyd and Derek

Audit:   Daryl, Derek and Dwight

New Business

Paul spoke to the repair of the dinghy dock and the need for more floats. New floats will be ordered and stored in the Club House until spring.

Derek moved the meeting be adjourned. Carried

Respectfully submitted

Daryl Caines


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About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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