AGM Minutes Feb 21 2012

Renforth Boat Club

Annual General Meeting. Minutes February 21, 2012


  1. Meeting Called to Order 7:30 with Rheal Guimond in the chair
  2. Attendance:  Lloyd, Rheal, George, Derek, Dan, Dudley, Max, Ralph, Steve , Glen, Bob, Win, Cathy G,Dwight, Fred, Eric, Stan, Gus, Jen
  3. Minutes of the Last AGM Were read by Eric    Moved to be accepted by Dudley, 2nd George   Carried
  4. Report of the Nominating Committee for the 2012 Executive
    1. Commodore: Stan Prime
    2. Vice Commodore: George Walker
    3. Rear Commodore: Derek  Ingleton
    4. Treasurer: Lloyd Hodgin
    5. Secretary: Darrel Caines
    6. Motion that Nominations cease by Rheal seconded by Lloyd      Carried
    7. The slate presented is declared elected by acclimation.
  5. Report of the Outgoing Commodore was read and received with thanks.
  6. Newly Elected Commodore assumes the Chair: Stan Prime
  7. Reports
    1. Treasurer; financial report 2011, budget 2012 (excluding 5 year capitol expenditures)
        1. Lloyd Tabled the Financial report for the month of december.
        2. Total outflows $4171, inflows $2179
        3. 7344 is the bank balance as of todays date (feb 21, 2012)
        4. Budget Forecast for the year 2012 was presented.
        5. Moved by Eric seconded by Max to accept the above reports.  Carried
        6. Comments were made concerning leaving heat on.
    2. House: No report
    3. Yard: No report
    4. Harbour: No report
    5. Membership:   Request to place a membership form on the bulletin board.
    6. Social: No report
    7. Refreshments: Fridge has been inventoried. Likely over $600 is missing in just the last month.   This is serious theft.  After some discussion it was Moved by Lloyd  seconded by Derek to lock the Cabinet or remove the inventory until further notice.  carried 6-5    The executive will take this up at its next meeting.
    8. Grounds and Environment:  it is very icy
    9. Safety: Salt and sanding needs to be increased
  8. New Business
    1. Adoption of purposed set of Bylaws (previously published and made available to members) Moved by Eric seconded by Lloyd that the purposed bylaws be adopted.
      1. amendment 1 section 6:11 line two  “offered ” instead of sold moved by Dudley seconded by Max    carried.
      2. amendment 2   section 6:12 remove the word “immediate”  Moved by Glen seconded by George   carried
      3. amendment 3  section 6:13  strike this section    Glen, Derek  carried
      4. amendment 4 6:14 change the word consulting to informing  Eric   Lloyd,
      5. amendment 5 7:01  change the word one to two (dinghies)   Derek, Dudley   Carried
      6. amendment 6 7:03  move plastic to the first category.  Moved by Dudley, George arried
      7. amendment 7   add to 7:05   motors to be in the down position always.   moved and carried
      8. section 6 is to be renumbered consecutively..
      9. The question was then called:  motion carried
    2. Acceptance of 5 year Capitol Expenditure plan (previously published and made available to members)   Motion to adopt the capitol expenditure plan;   Moved by Lloyd,  Seconded by Max   Carried
  9. Motion to appoint an audit committee for 2012   Derek, Darrel, Dwight   Moved by Lloyd,  seconded  Dudley    Carried
  10. Comment on the need to tender the process of crane rentals;   this will be taken up by the executive.
  11. Motion to grant one vote for the group of associate members.   Moved by Rheal , Seconded by Dudley    Carried
  12. Adjournment



Respectfully submitted


Eric Phinney

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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