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Important, Please note:  The power bill for the yard has been found to be about 4 times higher than normal.   Please check your boats to make sure that there are not heaters or other appliances that could be using a lot of electricity.  The executive will be going through the yard with a Watt meter to locate and disconnect any boats with excessive current draws.   This was determined to be both a safety issue as well as an economic one.   Battery chargers on 2 amps are ok. Using power for a heater while you are on board working is ok.

Committee Chairs:   At the February executive meeting we will be appointing individuals to chair various committees.   If you are interested or would like to recommend someone to a particular position please submit names now to a member of the Executive.

Social: A Valentines event is being planned.   Saturday evening the 16th of February.   5:30 happy hour 6:30 dinner.   Watch for updates.

Now… here are the minutes of he meeting

AGM Minutes Jan 15, 2013 

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Dwight, Lloyd, Glen, Eric, Bob and Win, Rheal and Kathy, Ed, Stan, Derek, Ralph, Greg, George and Sharon, Jim and Rhoda, Gus, Dudley, Daryl

Meeting Called to order at 7:30 with Stan Prime in the chair

Report of the Nominating Committee

Commodore:  Stan Prime

Vice Commodore:  George Walker

Rear Commodore:  Derek Ingleton

Treasurer: Lloyd Hodgin

Secretary: Daryl Caines

Eric moved nominations cease. Seconded Lloyd. Carried

Rheal moved the Executive be declared  elected. Seconded Derek.  Carried

Minutes of the Feb 21, 2012 AGM were read. Moved by Lloyd, seconded by Eric, that the minutes be accepted. Carried


Old Business

 There was no business arising from the minutes

Correspondence: none


Committee Reports


The report of the Audit Committee was received.


Treasurer’s Report:  Both the bank account and term deposit account statements were circulated and discussed. The current balance of the chequeing account is $3030.96 and $8744.02 in the term deposit account. Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Rheal, that the report be accepted. Carried


The five year plan was circulated. Moved Lloyd, seconded by Derek, that the plan be accepted. Carried


Fees for 2013 will be set at $500 with a $50 discount if paid before April 30. The launch and haul out fee is  $226.00.  Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Ed, that the fees be adopted. Carried.


Budget forecast for 2013 is attached to these minutes. Total cash outflow about $1000 more than last year. Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Eric, that the budget forecast be accepted. Carried


House: Steve not present


Yard:  Paul not present. Lloyd noted the electricity bills are up on both the yard and building. A discussion followed about energy usage.    Eric will contact the membership through email about energy consumption.


Harbour:  Eric noted the ice is about a foot thick and the fishing is good.


Social:  Sharon stated the Christmas party and Levee were well attended.  The Executive will make a schedule of events for the year. Thanks  was extended to Sharon and her committee for their work.


Refreshments:  Glen stated the controls placed on the bar are making a difference. The Club is making a small profit.


Grounds:  Greg -no report


Environment:  no report


Safety:  be careful of the ice in the parking lot.


New Business: 


Lloyd referred to a statement made by Rothesay Mayor, Bill Bishop, in the Telegraph Journal, concerning improvements to the shoreline.


Constitution and Bylaws 


Moved by Lloyd, seconded by Eric, that revisions to Constitution be adopted   carried.

Moved by Lloyd, seconded by Greg, that revisions to the ByLaws be adopted. Carried


Motion to adjourn made by Dwight. Carried


Respectfully Submitted



Daryl Caines


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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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