AGM minutes 2016

AGM Minutes Jan 19,2016

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Bruce, Rick, Greg, Tom, Rheal, Gary, Ed, Derek, George, Jamie, Bob and Win, Eric, Lloyd, Daryl, Stan, Paul, Boyd, Brian, Stephen, Scott

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:30pm

The minutes of the 2015 AGM were read. Moved by Greg and seconded by George the minutes be accepted. Carried

Lloyd circulated his financial report. The Club ended the year with a balance of $4350.80. It was moved by Lloyd and seconded by Rick that the report be accepted. Carried

The five year plan was circulated and is attached to these minutes.
The proposed fees for 2016 were presented. A discussion followed concerning raising money to meet big expenditures. Moved by Lloyd to adopt the 5 year plan and fee schedule. Seconded by Derek. Carried

The 2016 proposed budget was circulated and is attached to these minutes. Lloyd moved the acceptance of the report. Seconded by Bruce. Carried.

Eric gave the report of the Nominating Committee
Commodore: Eric Phinney
Vice Commodore: Daryl Caines
Rear Commodore: Jamie Paterson
Treasurer: Boyd Tucker
Secretary: Bruce Herrington
Past Commodore: George Walker
Honourary Commodore: Jim Flood

Eric asked for further nominations. Moved by Rheal and seconded by Steve that the Executive be declared elected. Carried.

Cheque signing authority will now be any one of, Commodore Eric Phinney, Past Commodore Stephen Walker, or Treasurer Boyd Tucker.

Standing Committees and other committees will be appointed by the Executive at a meeting to follow the AGM.

Lloyd spoke to amendments to the by-laws to deal with members who are in arrears. These will be discussed by the Executive and presented to the members. A detailed handbook will make it clear how to handle these issues. A Judiciary Committee will be formed to advise the Commodore how to proceed when dealing with members in arrears.

Current committee chairs were called on for reports.

Harbour Scott reported that the gallows are upright and on the rails waiting for framing. The boat in Cape Breton that was to be considered for purchase is no longer available.

Grounds/Environment Greg reported that the yard is secure for the winter.

Membership Boyd has made a brochure that gives information about the Club and can be used to introduce prospective members to the Club. An application for membership is on the back.

Refreshments Stephen asked if members were ok with canned products as opposed to bottled products. The decision was left to Steve when supplying the cooler.

Social No report

Eric moved the meeting be adjourned. Carried

Respectfully submitted​

Daryl Caines

Special Executive Meeting
January 19, 2016
Renforth Boat Club
A special meeting of the newly elected 2016 Executive was held following the 2016 AGM for the purpose of appointing Standing and Other committees
Attendance Bruce, Rheal, Greg, Jamie, Daryl, Ed, Boyd, Eric, George
Standing Committees
Rail/Slider Yard Committee: Jamie Paterson
Crane Launch Yard Committee: Bruce Herrington
Harbour Committee: Scott Langille
Refreshment Committee: Stephen Hanson
Grounds/Environment Committee: Greg Condon and Paul Jones
Judiciary Committee: Brian Taylor, Gary Splane, Tom Clark
Audit Committee: Daryl Caines, Derek Ingleton, Dwight Allaby

Other Committees
Social Committee: Dwight Allaby and Stan Prime
Long Range Planning: Lloyd Hodgen, Boyd Tucker, Ed Stansfield, Daryl Caines
Nominating Committee: To be appointed in October
Constitution and By-Laws: Lloyd Hodgen and Dwight Allaby
Membership: Rheal Guimond

Moved by Rheal and seconded by Bruce that the meeting adjourn. Carried

Respectfully Submitted

Daryl Caines

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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