AGM january 2014

AGM Minutes Jan 21, 2014

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Stan, Lloyd, Rheal and Kathy, Bob and Win, Jim and Rhoda, Glen, George and Sharon, Derek, Eric, Greg, Dudley, Mike, Rick, Paul, Daryl

Meeting Called to order at 7:35 with Stan Prime in the chair

Report of the Nominating Committee
Commodore: George Walker
Vice Commodore: Rick Wright
Rear Commodore: Derek Ingleton
Treasurer: Lloyd Hodgin
Secretary: Daryl Caines
Past Commodore: Stan Prime

Eric moved nominations cease. Seconded by Rick . Carried
Dudley moved the Executive declared elected. Seconded by Rheal . Carried
Stan thanked the membership for their support during his time as Commodore. Eric offered a vote of thanks on behalf of the membership for Stan`s work over the past two years.
George assumed the Chair

Minutes of the Jan 15 2013 AGM were read. Moved by Derek, seconded by Dudley , that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Carried

Old Business

There was no business arising from the minutes
Correspondence: none

Committee Reports

The report of the Audit Committee will be received at the next monthly meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Lloyd submitted the financial report and it is attached to these minutes. The balance of the current account is $5127.00 and the balance of the Term deposit is $8875.00 .
The Five Year Plan was circulated and discussed. A large discussion followed concerning improvements to the septic system and a building a new winch house. The septic system was seen as a priority. The secretary will contact KVHS to cancel plans to have the industrial dept build a new winch house. Stan will contact Mike Alsec with the Dept of Health to determine how to proceed with a new septic system.
The Plan was revised so that Item 1, building a new winch house, is moved to 2015 and reduced to $2000. Item 2, a lifting system for bunks is moved to 2015. Item 1 for 2015, installing a new sewage system is moved to the current year.
Moved by Rheal and seconded by Paul that the revised Five Year Plan be accepted. Carried.
The Schedule for Dues, Fees, Launch /Haulout and Storage was submitted and discussed. It was moved by Lloyd and seconded by Derek that the schedule be accepted. Carried.

The budget forecast was submitted and is attached to these minutes. The House Maintenance item was increased to $5500 to account for the new septic system. Sliders launch/haulout reduced to $2100.
Eric asked if the club still needs a phone. A discussion followed. A WiFi connection is cheaper and would better serve the Club. Eric will call Bell and look into costs.
Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Stan that the amended Budget Forecast be accepted. Carried.

Committee Reports

House: Steve not present

Yard: Paul reported that work will be needed in the spring to clean the yard. Dudley reported the yard suffered after the heavy rain earlier in the month. Stan was thanked for repairing the road after a section was washed out.

Harbour: Eric reported that the River has risen and the ice is moving. He encouraged members to make others aware of the danger. Contrary to popular belief there is no central authority that reports on the safety of the ice.

Refreshments: Glen reported a surplus of $78.02 for the last reporting period. This included the New Year’s Levee.

Grounds: No Report

Social: Win reported that the Levee was well attended with 31 present. Plans for activities in Feb and March are in the works.

Membership: Bob not present.

Safety and Environment: No report

New Business:
No new business items were presented

Motion to adjourn made by Dudley. Carried

Respectfully Submitted

Daryl Caines

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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