2 work crews needed on Friday. One on Sunday

It is Sail boat Haul out weekend! Here are the work party times and details. Please read this carefully.

Friday 12:00 1 hour We need as many Members as possible for a short period of time to load the rebuilt floats on the trailer and to pick up some debris to make the yard ready.

friday 4:30 We need help to move cribs on wharf and get them set up in order for the Haulout on Sunday morning. If you have a crib or trailer that will be used for your boat on Sunday you need to be there. If you have a trailer in the yard that needs to be moved to make way you should also be there.

Sunday morning at 08:00 The crane will be on the Wharf. Boats being lifted out are: Andrew Phinney, Dudley Barrett (2), Daryl Caines, Mike Kuppers, Bruce Herrington, Dick Daigle, Bob Pinnette.

It is imperative that you prepare your boat BEFORE Sunday. This preparation includes the following:

1) Remove sails
2) Remove Boom
3) Remove dodger and Bimini
4) Disconnect Radio coax cable and other electrical wires if possible.
5) Remove anything else on the deck or in the Cockpit that might slow down the mast and boat removal.

Please arrive Sunday Morning before 08:00 so that you can have your boat at the dock for 08:00
You should each have your personal tools that are needed to remove your rig. i.e. vice grips, Adjustable wrench, Screw drivers, Needle nose pliers, Electrical tape or something to secure your shrouds prior to moving to the mast rack.

Please refer to Dudley for directions as to which masts are to be lifted first and which boats come out first. There are a number of reasons for getting the order right.

It takes 5 people to safely take a mast down. This means that it is really awkward if someone decides to go home early! It causes bad feelings all around. If you can’t be there for the whole time make sure that you have someone available in your place.

Note: It would be also good if you could note for your own use later the difference in length of straps for your boat. i.e. Dovekey needs the rear straps to be about 3 feet longer than the front ones to life level. Fin Keel boats are usually fine with equal length straps. I know that Dovekey and Ivory Tower need different lengths for sure. If each boat owner noted this and wrote it down inside their Lazarette it would make the job go quicker in the future. Strap placement is also something that should be indicated by painting a small triangle on the water line at the appropriate places. It is rare to find a crane with a set of spreaders these days and proper strap placement will keep your boat from becoming damaged. It will also help when setting it into the cradle so that they do not end up under the supports. It is up to you to know where to put them.

Eric Phinney

on Behalf of Dudley Barrett (Sailboat Yard)

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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