Seeking a volunteer

we are in need of one member to act as a membership secretary.   This would involve receiving new applications, checking that they are completed correctly and then presenting them at the next executive meeting.  If your are interested please contact the commodore.

RBC-Membership 2017 from v4




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Executive meeting

The March Executive meeting will be held at the Club House on March 20, at 7:30pm. Items on the agenda will include but not be limited to the following

– Update and printing the fixture card. Filling in the blanks
– Confirmation of house duty list
– discussion on having only one General meeting a year and having the rest Executive meetings. Change of by-laws
– Insurance endorsements prior to launch
– Change of meeting for April because I will be away??

– Any other items that may come up

All members are encouraged to attend.

Daryl Caines

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Crossing the Bar

It is with great sadness that we announce to you that Jim Flood past on this morning. Follow this link for further information

See here for “Crossing the bar” meaning

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Executive Meeting Feb 20

An Executive meeting will be held Feb 20,  7:30 pm , at the Club House. All members are welcome to attend

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Course postponed a few weeks

It has been really difficult to get the required numbers to make the CPS Boating Course run as it should. I have therefore made the decision to Join with the Ottawa Squdron and possibly one other to make a high quality joint effort. The date to begin has been changed to February 7. Our Goto Meetings will be Wednesday nights and I will facilitate local Students. If you have interest in
Joining please give me a call and I will let you know how to proceed.

$125 for CPS members

Click here to register, price has been lowered


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Looking for a few Students

The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron is changing the way it is delivering some of its courses. I am personally taking on a part of this task. Coming up in a couple of weeks (Jan 18) we will be offering Boating 2 ( Beyond PCOC) This is a great course to introduce you to a host of things that every boater should know.

We will be running this course as a distance education hybrid Course. They way it will work is that most of the actual teaching/learning will be done by you (the student) online or by reading, at a time convenient to you. There will be some self administered quizzes, so you can make sure you are on track. Once a week there will be a gathering (on line, via computer, ipad/iphone, or come by my house and have a coffee) There will be a couple of for sure face to face meetings for the topics that require it (knots and Charts) Currently I only have as students myself, and possibly Gary Steves. I’m looking for two or three more so that we can make this a viable course offering.

If you are interested at all give me a call 643-0799 or email, or go to and read the description there. This is where you will need to go to register. When you register the National Office will mail your course materials to you.

I hate to cancel courses, so if you are interested you will need to act in the next few days.

Our online meetings will be thursday evening beginning the 18th at 1900 for about an hour.

Here is the registration link

Registration and info here

Course description and contents

Eric Phinney
Past Commodore/ Education officer

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New Years Day – Join us at the Boat Club

Happy New Year

Join us at the club from 2-4 for a snack, a drink and a hello!

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Boating Course – Boating 2

This is the next course to take if you have done your PCOC and your VHF

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A Christmas Poem

Renforth Boat Club Christmas Poem 2017

The lobsters are all cooked,
The beef is nicely broiled
Potatoes carrots and sauces
In pots on the stove to boil

The pies and other goodies
All out of their boxes and waiting in rows
Santa suit prepared and presents all arranged
for all the good little girls and boys.

It was a great season
with new faces and new hands
Lots of work finished
To the future with plans!

Boats were bought and boats were sold
Some changed hands. And some just got old.
Challenges and breakdowns were always afoot
Lots of advice and some help too to keep them afloat

The boats are nearly all covered
All tucked in and put away
Winter projects have begun
As dreams for a new day

No storms to speak of
Like we’ve had in the past
But winter is here now
And we’ll see how we last

And now it is time to give thanks
To offer a great cheer
Of gratitude and generosity
For this time of year

It is the season to prepare for Christmas
For the exchanging of gifts
The trimming of trees
Egg nog and punch and secret Santa’s please

But let’s not forget
gods Holy one
Sent here to earth
to teach us each one

May he stay in our hearts
And guide our minds too
With actions and gifts
So that we can bless you

Rev Eric Phinney

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Work items

Hello Everyone, the work boat and gallows have been removed from the water and there are a few work items that we now need volunteers for as out lined below. If you can complete one or more of these please let Jamie ( or Scott ( know.

Thanks, Jamie Patterson

Work Items

1) Power wash and /or scrape the barnacles and growth off the pontoons of the gallows.
2) Clean growth and barnacles off of the work boat motor, grease the steering rod and cover the work boat.
3) Clean the growth and barnacles off of the gallows motor. Motor has been removed and is in the heritage building.

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Radio Course

Do you need your VHF radio course? CPS-ECP will be offering the VHF radio course Dec 12,13,14 at the RKYC

Click the link to register.
Call Eric for info on other courses

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From the Commodore

I want to take this opportunity to touch on some year-end items and look ahead to the 2018 boating year. Without question this has been one of the most active boating seasons in recent memory. Our Club surpassed its goal for new members which resulted in a lot of extra activity for existing members. Our mooring field was expanded and our dinghy dock had to be extended to accommodate new tenders. The work did not stop after our successful haul-out. Moorings were made ready for winter, the fresh waterline to the Club House was winterized to prevent freeze up, a window was replaced, and a new cement base to the dinghy dock has been poured so the dock will be more perpendicular to the shore. Thanks to everyone who volunteered time and talent to these projects.
Our annual Christmas dinner and party is scheduled for Dec 9. This is a lobster or beef dinner followed by a visit from Santa and a gift exchange. Happy hour with munchies will be from 5:30 to 6:30. Each member and guest is asked to bring a corresponding gift marked for a male or female (max $20). Members can expect a call from Stan Prime to see who plans to attend and their preference for lobster or beef. Non-perishable food items will also be collected for donation to the local food bank.
The 2018 year begins with a New Year’s Levee on Jan 1 and the Annual General meeting on Jan 16. I am anticipating an eventful year and I want to be in all respects ready for the new season. At the November meeting I will be appointing a nominating committee. In addition to the Commodore and Past Commodore there are 12 positions of responsibility that range from the executive to chairs of various committees. When you joined you were informed that the RBC is a working club and everyone is expected to pitch in. One thing I have learned over these past 10 years is there is no shortage of help when members are asked to do something. Please consider your participation and contribution to the ongoing work of the Club when you are approached to take a leadership role. With that said I remind you of the Executive meeting on Nov 21 which is open to everyone.

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Winterize or Pay

Hello everyone,

There are still about a half dozen moorings that have not been winterized. It is important that these get completed so we can remove the workboat from the water. Please winterize your mooring by end of day Sunday October 29th. Help is available if you are unsure what needs to be done by contacting Scott Langille or Jamie Patterson. Any mooring not completed on that date will be winterized for you and you will be billed accordingly.

Harbor Master

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Moorings to Winterize

Please note that many winterization techniques have been tried by members over the years and many have failed resulting in grappling for moorings in the spring or hiring of divers to locate the mooring. The standard practice outlined below has proven to be the most reliable winterization technique for our harbor. Failure to follow this practice may result in you having to locate your mooring in the spring at your own expense.
Winterization Standard
All mooring balls, floats and headlines must be removed from the mooring in the fall of the year.
A 35 foot long single piece of ½” Superdan line is attached to the top links of the top chain using two half hitches with the bitter end (tail) tucked under one of the strands. The chain is dropped to the bottom of the harbor. This line is generally available for purchase from the club. See below for line details.
A single foam float is secured to the rope about 5 feet below the top of the water by sliding the float down the rope and securing it with a figure 8 knot (see below). This is low enough to ensure it is not caught by the ice. Prior to freeze up, there should be no knots or anything tied to the rope above this float.
During winterization a single float is tied to the top of the line as a temporary marker to mark the line making the harbor safe for late season boaters. The club has lobster buoys available for this purpose. Just help yourself to one. This float will be removed by the club in late fall.
In the end you will have a single line floating on the surface without any knots or anything tied to it. This will allow the line to pull through the ice during spring break up.

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Sail boat haulout

I wanted to thank everyone who participated, for a very successful sailboat haul-out this past Sunday. 11 boats & masts hauled & in the yard by 5pm.This included waiting a couple hours for the last 3 to be moved, after the crane left the wharf. We were very efficient, particularly with the masts, which were done in under 2 hrs. Almost everyone had a high level of preparation done, had good attitudes and stayed around to help others, even after their boat was out of the water. I know it was a long day, with some of us there all day Saturday & Sunday.
You all made my job easier…thank-you. Most importantly, no injuries or damage that I am aware of.

I special thank-you to Scott Langille who helped all day and didn’t even have a boat coming out !

Next task will be to get the dinghy docks out next week, so your tenders need to be removed by this weekend.

After that, I still hope to have a work day to sand & paint the lift trailer.

Thanks again.

Bruce Herrington

Yard Chair – Sailboats

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