Renforth Harbour 2011

Facilities for the Renforth Boat Club include:

– the “Harbour”, managed by the HarbourMaster, which is the water and mooring field (north and south) and all the moorings

– The “Docks”, which is the dinghy wharf in front of the club.¬†

– the “Yard” which is the land that surrounds the House and has the launch/haulout/storage (the sliders) rail system, the boat storage yard, the parking lot and the mast storage rack

– the “House” which is the main building that we meet in and the adjoining the “Heritage” building¬†

There is a committee for each of these areas and details can be found by clicking on this link to About>Executive and Committees…

Click here if you want to see a picture of the whole thing!

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