Executive and Committees

updated May 7, 2019

2019 Executive Renforth Boat Club Ltd.


Commodore Boyd Tucker
Vice Commodore Ralph Hines
Rear Commodore vacant
Past Commodore Daryl Caines
Secretary Brian Taylor
Charlie Cook assisting
Treasurer Dan Estabrooks
Fred Bramston assisting

Executive Committee
The above Officers and Chair persons of the Permanent Committees below form the Executive Committee.

Permanent Committee Chairs) (as per Article 8 of the RBC Constitution

Refreshments Brian Taylor
Yard and Rail System Rheal Guimond
Crane Launch and Haulout Bruce Herrington
Harbourmaster vacant
Grounds and Environment Greg Condon
vacant assisting for Environment
House Bill Allan

Ad Hoc Committees:  (appointed by the Executive Committee)

Five Year Planning            Boyd Tucker
Membership                    Boyd Tucker
Social vacant
Constitution/Bylaws Ross Pierce

Other committees may be utilized and chaired.