The work party on the rail system tonight has been cancelled and is not required to be rescheduled. The haul out will start at 8am Saturday morning and would appreciate any help on that day.


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Crane day thanks

Saturday’s sail-boat haul-out was a great success, with 5 boats & masts done in just over 2.5 hrs. This was possible because of the great help I had, both in numbers & the attitude of the people involved.
I really appreciate everyone’s effort, particularly those who did not have boats coming out. Since I’ve been involved, this has been the most efficient(translated cost-effective) haul-out or launch and we should be able to repeat this with good planning. We took notes on time on each boat, length of straps required and cradle placement.
Again, thanks to everyone for making my job easier.

Bruce H.





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Quick Work Party

Hi everyone, we need a small work party prior to haul out this Saturday. Looking at the forecast Monday evening may be our best choice. Items to be taken care of include replacement of two sections of rail and hacking down of vegetation growing along the rails. Hoping we can get a small group together at 6pm Monday and knock this off in an hour or so. Any questions contact Jamie at 647-2670 or

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Notice of Motion to change bylaws

“I move that the By-Laws be amended as highlighted in red on a copy of the By-Laws posted on the bulletin board at RBC.
The amendments clarify and bring consistency to actions of members who;
a) Are overdue in dues payment
b) Have a high refreshment account balance OR
c) Have boat storage payment problems”

Carried at the September Executive meeting

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Calling all hands

Hello everyone, please be advised that the rail system haul out will take place Saturday October 1st beginning at .8am. We will unfortunately have some manual lifting associated with the launch so any and all help would be appreciated. Hope to see you there. Any questions contact Jamie Patterson at 647-2670.

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Executive meeting

Reminder. Tomorrow Sept is our executive meeting. 19:30 at the clubhouse


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Please move your trailers

Could folks with trailers please move them out of the yard or to the main parking lot no later than Wed, Sept 21 so we have access to sailboat cradles.

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Sailboat Haulout

2016 Sailboat Haul-out
Saturday, September 24, 2016 – 8am
Larry’s Welding & Crane Rental
Lawrence – 506 633-1987
• $175/hr
• Min 3 hr charge
• Will provide spreaders & smaller length straps
Boats being hauled:
▪ Bruce Herrington​7500lbs​​cradle​​club lift trailer to RBC yard(Loyalist)
▪ Daryl Caines​​12000lbs​cradle​​Mark Kierstead’s boat trailer to RBC
▪ Bob Pinette​​?​​trailer​​Loyalist to tow to home
▪ Chris Ross​​?​​cradle​​Mark Kierstead’s boat trailer to home
▪ Greg Robart​​?​​trailer​​club lift trailer to RBC yard(Loyalist)
➢ Loyalist and Mark Kierstead not available on 24th. Boats will have to be left on wharf & moved Sunday or Monday
➢ Cradles & trailers to be moved to wharf Thursday night, Sept 22nd.(cradles on wing; trailers on left side, close to where wing starts)
➢ Proof of Insurance to Bruce H. no later than September 19th.
➢ Please have your boats marked for placement of straps and know whether or not you need to add a length and how much
➢ All boat owners required day of haul-out until all boats & masts lifted & moved
• Sails & boom removed prior to Saturday, Sept 24th
• Ensure batteries fully charged
• Control lines & fenders in place
• Tools for de-rigging ready(pliers, wire cutters, vise-grips, screwdriver; tape, etc)
• running rigging tied off or taped where possible
• Cradles inspected & ready(pads lowered, placement of keel or other indicator of where to place boat on cradle, etc)

Please contact Bruce H. to confirm your boat is being hauled and/or for any clarification or input on the above:
506 651-0792

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Hello everyone, I’d like to get the cart from the rail system painted before haul it. It will involve some loose paint and rust removal prior to painting. I’m looking for two or three people with wire wheels on grinders to help me on Monday evening starting around 5:30pm. I’m thinking with some help it can be prepped in a few hours. Please contact Jamie at if you can help out Monday evening.


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Mooring Checks

Hello everyone,
We are now into the time of year when the winds pick up making it even more important that we are comfortable with the condition of our moorings, for your own piece of mind as well as for those moored around you. As a reminder it is good practice to complete the following inspections:
1) Inspect headlines for chaffing or wear damage
2) Inspect top connections to ensure secure and seizing wire in place.
3) Inspect your top chain to bottom chain connections to ensure it is secure and seizing wire is still in place. If this has not been completed in past few years now would be a good time.
We understand not everyone is experienced using the gallows so help is available to you. If you require some help completing the inspections above please contact the Harbormaster, Scott Langille. He will set up a time to help you out or will contact a few others of us that are willing to help as well.

Rear Commodore

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Corn Boil

cornWe will be having a Corn Boil and Hamburgers at the boat club on Saturday,Sept. 10th.

Food will be ready at 7 pm but come earlier to socialize.

Please let us know by Sept.7th.[save us a call]
Stan 847-5868

Dwight 832-3654

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Parking Passes for this weekend

Because of parking restrictions this weekend during the dragon boat festival parking passes are required. These are at the club. Please pick one up this week.


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Tenders needed

Hello Everyone,

There will be an open water swim again this year that will be held Aug 28th, the day after the dragon boat. We have been asked to help setup the course which I will help with using the workboat but they are also looking for boats that can monitor swimmers. Last year I did this and they put lifeguard on your boat so you just have to operate the boat and they keep watch etc. The easiest option is to probably to use tenders for this. Please let Jamie Patterson know if you would be able to help out with this on the morning of the 28th.


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Garbage and trash rules

Attn: ALL members!
We just spent over an hour cleaning up the garbage bins. They were full of all kinds of open garbage, including food &maggots. It is everyone ‘s responsibility to make sure our property is kept clean. Leaving loose items and food is not acceptable. Please ensure all garbage is bagged. Also, we have designated a bin for recyclable bottles only‎. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

Bruce & Jamie
Yard Chairs.

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Dinghy Dock

Hello Everyone, I have received a complaint that tenders are being moved on the dinghy dock. This is a reminder that positions on the dinghy dock are on a first come basis and we should not be moving other member’s tenders. I’d also like to remind members that tender locks should be removed and taken with the tender when it leaves the dock . We have had cleats tied up with locks when no tender has been present.


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